NDP Process and Governance

The overall process is sponsored by Goudhurst Parish Council. A Steering Group to oversee the development of the plan which is led by Colin Willis was created following our October 2015 meeting in the Church.

The Steering group created 5 working groups tasked with building an evidence base upon which we could build our plan.

The Steering group has an agreed  Code of conduct and consists of:

  • Colin Willis – Chairman
  • Linda Hall – Deputy Chair
  • Craig Broom – Secretary
  • Barbara  Stafford
  • Antony Harris – GPC
  • Ed Bates
  • Richard Hillier
  • Victoria Aldwinckle (until June 2018)
  • John Leavens
  • Susan Newsam – GPC (until June 2017)
  • Alan Foster – GPC (until April 2017)
  • Guy Sutton – GPC (from May 2017)
  • Shiona Gardiner (from June 2017)
  • Peter Rolington – Finance Officer (until July 2017)
  • Jo Hinde (until December 2017)
  • Paul Griffin (from August 2017)
  • Adrian Smith (from August 2017)
  • Peter Wood (from December 2017)

Below are the agenda and minutes for the current and past steering meetings. Steering meetings are public and scheduled for the 1st Monday of the Month.

Working Groups

To create a vision and plan for Goudhurst over the next 15+ years we firstly need to understand more about our community and how it has changed and evolved in recent years. The information we are gathering within our Working Groups is building an ‘Evidence Base’ that will underpin the development of local planning policies and community projects in the completed plan.

Ourplan needs to reflect the views of all residents and businesses and everyone will have the opportunity to express their vision and ambition for Goudhurst. In the first instance this will be a questionnaire. Once all of the information is collated it will be presented to the community in a public exhibition and then public consultation and workshops.

The evidence base and questionnaire are being delivered by five working groups initially formed at the public meeting held in Goudhurst Church on 6th October. Follow the links below for more details and the membership of each group:

We are also building a base of information and assets which can be found on the Community21 website provided by the University of Brighton.

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