Business and Development

The business and Development is led by Councillor Linda Hall. The team consisting of

  • Nick Leggett
  • Sonja Johnson
  • John Fermor
  • Graham Hills
  • Nick Cosins
  • Paul Mantle
  • Richard Hillier
  • Patrik Sundberg
  • Robert Czik
  • Graham Aldwinckle


  • Meeting October
  • Meeting November
  • Meeting November
  • Meeting December

TheTerms of Reference of this Working Group is large in scope and covers the input required to deliver two key areas of the final plan. This group will identify business needs (Farming, office, shops, pubs, homeworking, broadband) and development needs within the Parish (housing needs/numbers, Locations, Style, Design Statement, Sites, Rules

Identify the scope of the workgroup’s delivery to the NDP.  The sections of the plan this group have responsibility for are housing and business.

The Business and Development Working group should consider the following in developing their evidence base:

  • Understand business and retail activities within the Parish
  • Employers and employment patterns within the Parish
  • Understand current Housing density
  • Identify current planning proposals
  • Active borough initiatives
  • Identify Potential development sites
  • Determine housing need
  • Understand current constraints – e.g. Conservation areas, ANOB etc.
  • Understand any assumptions within planning policy – e.g. Sustainability
  • Infrastructure capacities (roads, sewage, and power) and amenities in the village

In terms of objectives the Business and Development group need to consider:

  • List any potential development sites and any prioritisation the should be applied
  • Future housing mix and density
  • Requirements around standards of design
  • Commercial developments and employment
  • Measures of Impact on infrastructure (roads, sewage, and power)
  • Any consideration of sustainability in developments
  • Development outside village boundaries

Positions in areas such as agricultural restrictions/Live/work

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