Traffic and Transport

The Traffic and Transport group are is led by Shiona Gardiner.  The group consists of:

  • Shiona Gardiner
  • Adrian Smith
  • Keith Buckland
  • Carol Buckland
  • David Boniface
  • Peter Wood
  • Chris Wood
  • Lynda LaRoche
  • John Fleming
  • Pippa Lane
  • Peter Rolington

The Traffic and Transport working group should consider the following in developing their evidence base:

  • Current and historical volumes and growth
  • Documented traffic and transport issues
  • Pedestrian paths and cycleways
  • Public transport facilities and their usage
  • On-street and off-street Car Parking

In terms of objectives the Traffic and Transport working group need to consider:

  • Any local enhancements e.g. road safety, traffic management etc.
  • Relationship of new development with good pedestrian, cycle & car routes
  • Managing the impact of large vehicles
  • Understand changes in parking need
  • Requirement and usage of public transport
  • Any need to promote walking/cycling to shops and schools
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