Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee manages the fabric of our community and is responsible for the maintenance of our community assets and facilities. This committee is responsible for new infrastructure projects and all public areas including:

  • The Plain and Goudhurst Pond, Quarry Pond in Kilndown and the Pond Warden’s activities.
  • Maintenance of the Goudhurst War Memorial and garden and the Water Trough at The Plain.
  • The Glebe Fields (part Village Green) and Lurkins Rise Recreation Area (Hillier’s Field) grounds maintenance.
  • Footpaths – Goudhurst has 39 miles of public footpaths that criss-cross the Parish. Many of these are old drovers roads that date back to medieval times. The Committee monitors the paths and is responsible for maintaining and improving in collaboration with other authorities e.g. Kent County Council (KCC).
  • Managing the Balcombes Hill car park and the Public Lavatories.
  • Village signs, notice boards, bus shelters, litter clear up campaigns, dog fouling and Christmas lights.
  • Benches and trees (but not those in the Churchyards).
  • Monitors rural initiative schemes e.g. High Weald Project.
  • The Goudhurst Beacon.
  • Oversees the annual Goudhurst in Bloom competition.

The committee meets every 2 months (or as required) and is chaired by Cllr Chris Ditton. The Vice Chairman is Cllr Alan Foster and committee members comprise Cllrs David Boniface, Phil Kirkby, Mrs Caroline Richards, Mrs Jayne Russell, Guy Sutton and Mrs Alison Webster.

Agenda for the forthcoming meeting


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