NDP Social and Community

The Social and Community Group is led by Victoria Aldwinckle supported by:

  • Victoria Aldwinckle
  • Howard Huntington
  • Hugh Nelson
  • Caroline Richards
  • Jennifer Sundberg


Key Objective:  The role of the SCGW is to assess & examine the social fabric and wellbeing of the Parish of Goudhurst, within the context of the NDP, in order to develop an evidence base.

Working Group Officers & Membership:  The SCWG shall elect a Leader, deputy Leader & minute taker.  The SCWG shall consist of at least nine members representing the Parish of Goudhurst.  The membership of the SCWG shall consist of a member of the NDP Steering Committee.

Meetings:  Meetings shall be held once per calendar month, unless otherwise agreed by the membership of the SCWG.  The date and time of each meeting shall be agreed at the previous one, or circulated at least seven days in advance.  The Agenda shall be circulated 5 days in advance.  The minutes shall be completed and circulated within 5 days of the meeting and then circulated to the NDP Steering Committee Secretary.

The SCWG may decide the quorum necessary to conduct business.

Key Considerations:

The SCWG will consider the following in developing the evidence base:

  • Existing recreational and community facilities
  • Sports teams and facilities
  • Leisure facilities, numbers, visitors
  • Allotments
  • Village shops, clubs and pubs
  • Play areas
  • Green spaces
  • Church buildings & Church Community
  • Healthcare services & facilities
  • Social Community-led Services (eg Ready-Call)
  • Pre-Schools & Schools – capacities and usage
  • Parish communication methods, usage & reach

Within the remit above, the SCWG will aim to:

  • Detail any community projects or needs within the Parish
  • Understand any changes that might facilitate more use of existing facilities
  • Understand the potential for developer contribution to community projects
  • Understand how to promote visitor numbers within the parish

Updates to the NDP Steering Committee:

The SCWG will document and agree the scope of the activities, objectives, deliverables and milestones.  In doing so, the SCWG will provide a monthly update using a common template by last Monday of the month during their period of activity.  The SCWG will create and maintain a plan for delivery for the key milestones, any risks/issues and dependencies on other workgroups, functions or third parties

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