Burial Authority

We are responsible for Goudhurst’s Burial Authority Regulations which includes fees and charges. Our responsibilities include the maintenance of burial records, landscape maintenance and the allocation of burial and ashes plots.

The Burial Authority is also responsible for

  • the maintenance of burial records
  • the issue of Exclusive Right of Burial Certificates,
  • allocating burial and ashes plots
  • permissions for monuments.
  • the maintenance of St Mary’s Churchyard, Goudhurst cemetery and burial grounds, and Christ Church Churchyard Kilndown.

The day to day administration of Burial Authority business is carried out by the Clerk (clerk@goudhurst-pc.gov.uk) and this includes liaison with Funeral Directors, gravediggers and bereaved families as required.

The Burial Authority meets quarterly and the members are Cllrs Mrs Caroline Richards, Edward Hodgskin, Phil Kirkby and Geoff Mason.
Rev. Rachel Robertson is advisor to the committee.

Latest Agenda

Minutes of Previous Meetings:

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