Developing our Plan

To create a vision and plan for Goudhurst over the next 15+ years we firstly need to understand more about our community and how it has changed and evolved in recent years. The information we are gathering is building an ‘Evidence Base’ that will underpin the development of local planning policies and community projects in the completed plan.

Ourplan needs to reflect the views of all residents and businesses and everyone will have the opportunity to express their vision and ambition for Goudhurst. In the first instance this will be a questionnaire. Once all of the information is collated it will be presented to the community in a public exhibition and then public consultation and workshops.

The evidence base and questionnaire are being delivered by five working groups initially formed at the public meeting held in Goudhurst Church on 6th October. Follow the links below for more details and the membership of each group:

We are also building a base of information and assets which can be found on the Community21 website provided by the University of Brighton.

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