Moving Forward

We are developing our Sustainability Analysis. This provides a baseline of information about the Parish as it is today. We can then review any  options or ideas proposed for the Neighbourhood Plan against this baseline to understand if it will have a positive or negative effect on our community.  A draft will be published in November.

We have concluded our autumn workshops which started ini September and finished on October 21st.  The workshops looked at all aspects of our community and covered 

  • Vision and Objectives – 9th September  – The starting point for the overall process in this workshop was to create both a short and long term vision for the Parish setting the objectives of our Neighbourhood plan.  Presentation: and Write-up
  • Housing and Design – 23rd September – Housing is one of the most important areas for the Neighbourhood Plan and this workshop focussed on: developing; design policies,  understanding the types of housing we need, selecting sites and managing change in the community over the next 15 years. Presentation: and write-up
  • Traffic and Economy – 7th October – Traffic is an important issue across the Parish and this session looked at how we might address the issues raised in the Questionnaire. Presentation: and write-up
  • Landscape and Community – 21st October – The questionnaire responses show that as a Parish our Landscape and Community is an extremely important part of life in Goudhurst and the things we value, the facilities we use and our concerns all contribute to our overall quality of life. Presentation: and write-up

The NDP Steering and Working Groups have been running for some six months and have made some excellent progress. The story so far can be found on our Background and History pages that cover everything from the agreement to build a plan to the formation of the Steering and Working Groups.

The Photographic Competition is open and will be running for the next 12 months with the best entries shortlisted for a final exhibition and overall winners in February 2018. Capture the changing seasons of our parish.


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