The Parish council has nine (9) committees each with a specific area of responsibility which are summarised below. More detailed descriptions of each committees responsibilities can be found the committee specific pages.


Maintenance of all of public areas and assets in the Parish


Managing all activities related to roads and traffic


Responsible for reviewing and commenting on all planning applications that are made in the Parish


To monitor, maintain and improve where possible and appropriately in collaboration of the relevant authorities

Central Goudhurst

Achieve a sustainable solution for long, medium and short stay parking

Burial Board

Managing interments with our Parish cemetery

Business and Communications

Promoting Goudhurst for tourism and business and improving communication across our community


Support and promote recreational projects to occupy and inspire young people in the Parish


Preparing annual budgets, annual review of Council’s Standing Orders, Finance Regulations, insurance cover, banking arrangements, and the Clerk’s remuneration, employment conditions an job description.

Bedgebury Lake

Our budget and spending

Our budget (precept) is raised each year as part of the residential and business rates collection.

Goudhurst at dawn

Our responsibilities

The Parish Council supports the community and is directly responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the fabric of our community. We are working to make our Parish a great place to live, work and to visit.

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