The Parish Council supports the community and is directly responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the fabric of our community. Our committees work to make our Parish a great place to live, work and to visit.

The Parish council has six (6) committees each with a specific area of responsibility which are summarised below. More detailed descriptions of each committees responsibilities can be found the committee specific pages.

St Marys in winter


The Amenities Committee manages the fabric of our community and is responsible for the maintenance of our community assets and facilities. This committee is responsible for new infrastructure projects and all public areas.

The committee meets every quarter (or as required) and is chaired by Cllr David Knight. Committee members are Cllrs Ed Read-Cutting, Geoff Mason, Suzie Kember, Caroline Richards, Paul Wareham and Alison Webster (vice chair).


Although the Parish Council works to address issues around traffic and parking we have no powers to make any changes in the Parish. All changes have to be approved by KCC Highways.

The Parish Council maintain a list of Highways priorities with KCC which are managed by this committee.

The committee also works with other groups, for example, the Goudhurst Traffic Action Group (GTAG) to review issues and priorities.

Traffic in Goudhurst


The planning committee meets twice a month to review and comment on all planning applications that are made in the Parish.

Click to see all planning applications and their status.

GPC have no powers to either accept or reject an application. The committee make recommendations using our local knowledge and using the policies set out in our Neighbourhood Plan which is our primary guide.

The Burial Authority is the committee responsible for Goudhurst’s Burial Authority Regulations which includes fees and charges as well as the maintenance of burial records, landscape maintenance and the allocation of burial and ashes plots and interments. The committee meets around 3 times each year.

The day to day administration of Burial Authority business is carried out by the Clerk ( and this includes liaison with Funeral Directors, gravediggers and bereaved families as required.

Christchurch Kilndown

Youth and Housing
Support and promote recreational projects to occupy and inspire young people in the Parish

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has oversight of our budget and spending over the year.

Our budget is raised from the rates (precept) each year as part of the residential and business rates collection.

Policy and` Staffing
prepare annual budgets, annual review of Council’s Standing Orders, Finance Regulations, insurance cover, banking arrangements, and the Clerk’s remuneration, employment conditions an job description

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