Our Plan is on its way!

It has been two years since our first meeting in Goudhurst Parish Hall which started Goudhurst on the road to creating a Neighbourhood Plan. 

There has been a lot of work completed over the past two years to bring us to the point and we have now distributed the consultation draft version of our plan to all households for your review.  

The draft plan was delivered to every household in the Parish in early November and the distribution is a key milestone in the formal process (known as Regulation 14) of delivering a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan you will receive contains a series of land-use policies which are designed to place controls and constraints on development across the Parish. Not all of our concerns and ambitions can be delivered under land-use policies and so the plan also identifies  a number of projects to address these concerns and to enhance  our Parish. All of the policies and projects address the needs and ambition expressed from the questionnaire and public meetings and workshops

We are looking for your feedback. Feedback can be submitted:

• directly on this website
• by email to enquiries@ndp.goudhurst.co.uk using a Microsoft Excel Template)
• by attending our drop in sessions in the Parish Hall on either the 21st November 6:30-8:30pm and the 8th December 9-12:00.

We are interested in receiving both positive and negative feedback showing whether or not you support the policy or direction of the plan. All feedback will be published in an overall consultation summary in the New Year.

Your comments and comments from other consultees (other parishes, TWBC, English Heritage etc.) are important and will be used to update the document creating a Plan that will be submitted for inspection. All comments will be reviewed and a document containing all responses will be published.

The consultation period will last until the new year. 

The document contains much detail but, to make it more readily accessible, the main points on each page are summarised in a series of comments found in the left hand margin in green. We hope this helps you to understand the content of the plan without having to read every page in full! It also makes it easier to identify those areas of the plan which you may wish to read in more detail.

This plan is divided into four main areas as described below. The first section describes our neighbourhood area and the background to the plan. The second section sets out our vision, goals and objectives. The third section details the land-use policies in our plan and the community projects identified during the development of this plan.

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