NDP Plan Documents

The Goudhurst Neighbourhood plan details the policies that be used by the Parish Council when reviewing planning applications. However, there are a number of other documents which support the plan and form a part of the submission when the plan is submitted for inspection. These are detailed below

Examiners Report


Goudhurst Neighbourhood Plan

The regulation 15 draft of our plan to be distributed by TWBC for consultation

Neighbourhood Plan Summary

A summary version of the plan detailing only the policies and their intent

Basic Conditions Statement

Our plan must work with the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework
(NPPF) and support the existing and emerging Borough Local Plan

Reg. 14 Consultation Statement

The Regulation 14 public consultation received comments from residents, businesses and landowners which were used to update the plan.

Landscape Character Assessment

Our Parish and the specific features and characteristics of our Parish

Local Green Spaces Assessment 

We used a defined process to identify and assess the Green Spaces in our Parish

Views Assessment

Our elevated settlements provides wide ranging views across the surrounding countryside which are important in our community

Strategic Environmental Scoping Document

This baseline is used to measure the environmental impact of our plan and its policies.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Applying the scoping criteria and objectives to our plan

HRA Screening

An assessment against the Habitat Regulations

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