Broadband – your questions answered

Why should you join our scheme

How do I know I am eligible?

Go to click the ‘check to see if I am eligible’ button. You will be asked if your service is less than 100mps (megabits per second). Unless you have fibre or possibly Callflow then the answer to this question is likely to be ‘Yes’. If you click ‘don’t know‘ it will check your speed for you. When the speed check is complete click ‘details’ to see your speeds. Back on the Openreach page, enter your post code (it needs a space following TN17) and press the magnifying glass. If you are eligible, pledge your voucher!

It says I’m not eligable

If the Openreach website says your not eligible then you already have fibre broadband available to you. Talk with your supplier about an upgrade!

I already have a contract

If you already have a contract – your existing supplier may be able to move you onto a new 12 month contract. If you are out of contract you can take a new contract with one of the suppliers listed here –

I don’t have a voucher?

You do not need one, if you pledge your voucher Openreach will redeem it on your behalf from central government once the scheme is complete

I don’t live in Goudhurst or Curtisden Green

The Goudhurst project is based around telephone exchanges. Residents in Kilndown share a different exchange with Lamberhurst and another scheme is being developed for these residents.

I don’t want to contract with BT

You don’t have to. You can upgrade your contract with your existing supplier or take a 1 year contract with any other broadband supplier of your choice to deliver the new service.

Fibre Broadband services are expensive

The service providers offer a range of services and competition is strong. For domestic services fibre broadband services have a small monthly premium – a few pounds. However fibre services can be scaled from basic to very high data rates giving many more options if you need them in the future. Fibre Broadband also adds value to your home

I already have Fibre Broadband

Well then you know the benefits. Talk with your friends and neighbours and help them understand the benefits of Fibre Broadband in you home. This service though is fibre to the premises rather than fibre to the telecoms cabinet and

I am happy with the speed of my existing service

Things can change and having the service installed means you have options for the future as well as increasing the value of your property

I’ll leave it till later

This project is a one-off and there will not be another project in the future. This offer is time limited and only when we reach our target will the build begin.

Much work has been completed by Councillor Knight to get this far and with direct support from Greg Clark we have pushed Goudhurst to the front of the queue. If we fail to reach the target fibre will not be installed across the Parish.

Householders could be liable for additional installation costs

Not true of this scheme. In the past Fibre Broadband has been difficult to install because it required householders to join together and formally contract with Openreach directly for all of the costs. The Goudhurst scheme uses a different model and does not require householders to contract with Openreach. There is no liability in pledging your voucher. If to few householders pledge their vouchers the scheme will simply not go ahead.

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