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Goudhurst Broadband update – March 2021

The broadband project is moving forward with project A and the Kilndown project both having reached 100%. Openreach are contacting those who have pledged to now confirm their vouchers. Openreach will begin the build once residents have confirmed their vouchers.

Project B, which is predominately rural in nature, is still stubbornly at sitting at 60% committed. We need to push a still harder in the post codes below. We had hoped for additional funding from DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport) but this is no longer available and to get this over the line we need commitment from residents.

You can support the project by pledging your government funded voucher (£1,500 per household and £3,500 for each business). Vouchers are committed (pledged) through the Openreach website. In pledging:

  • You are not committing to a BT contract – With this service you choose your own fibre broadband supplier (ISP Independent Service Provider)
  • You are committing to using a fibre broadband service. Fibre broadband is more expensive, but, you get to choose your supplier for a 1 year contract

If you are in the post codes below and have pledged already, tell your neighbours, help get this over the line.

Project B Post Codes
TN12 8EJ
TN12 8EL
TN12 8EP
TN17 1EE
TN17 1EG
TN17 1EN
TN17 1EP
TN17 1EQ
TN17 1ER
TN17 1ES
TN17 1ET
TN17 1EU
TN17 1EW
TN17 1EX
TN17 1EY
TN17 1EZ
TN17 1HA
TN17 1HB
TN17 1HD
TN17 1HE
TN17 1HF
TN17 1HG
TN17 1HH
TN17 1HJ
TN17 1HL
TN17 1HN
TN17 1HP
TN17 1HQ
TN17 1HR
TN17 2LP
TN17 2LR
TN17 2LS
TN17 2NS
TN17 2NU
TN17 2NX
TN17 2NY
TN17 2NZ
TN17 2PA
TN17 2PB
TN17 2QD
TN17 2QX
TN17 2QY
TN17 2QZ
TN17 2RA
TN17 2RB
TN17 2RD
TN17 2RE
TN17 2RG
TN17 2SG
TN17 2SJ
TN17 2SL

Neighbourhood Plan – Moving to completion

Goudhurst NDP Logo

Although progress with our Neighbourhood Plan has stalled somewhat over the past year , it is now moving forward again with only two steps to complete before it can go the final stage of  referendum. 

The first of these steps is a formal six week public consultation (Regulation 15)  which will be organised by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  This will begin on the 11th January 2021. The consultation is open for anyone to make a comment on our plan. The comments received during the consultation, along with the plan documents, are then subject to a formal inspection. 

Our plan will only move to referendum once it has passed this formal inspection. We hope the referendum will be held in mid-year as it has not been possible to hold referenda over the past year. 

Even though the plan has not yet completed its journey, our policies have some weight and can be considered in planning applications. The Parish Council Planning Committee will now begin to review applications against the policies contained in the neighbourhood plan. This is documented in a summary document which describes how the Parish Council will use the plan and what we would expect from anyone submitting planning applications. 

Do we still need a Neighbourhood Plan?

Tunbridge Wells receive thousands of planning applications each year. Our Neighbourhood Plan contains land use policies that are specifically designed to manage development in our Parish. This means planning applications are assessed against community rather than generic needs and objectives and local knowledge can be used to ensure development delivers a positive contribution for our Parish. 

What should I do?

If you are a resident then our plan represents the rules that will govern development in our Parish. If you are planning a development then the policies in the plan will give guidance that should help facilitate your application. 

We urge as many of you as possible to read the document and make comments as part of the TWBC consultation. The document is quite large so If you are unable to read it in  full then the summary document and a companion planning guidance will help you understand the scope and objectives of our Neighbourhood Plan. 

Owing to the ‘Covid restrictions’ imposed upon us , we and TWBC are unable to make hard copies of the documents available, nor advertise widely  and so have to rely on online access only. We would be grateful if you could pass the word around that this exercise is taking place and encourage the minority in our Parish who are not IT savvy to seek help from friends and family. 


Neighbourhood Plan documents: 

Tunbridge Wells Consultation portal:


The Friends of St. Mary’s has launched a Virtual Christmas Fair allowing you to buy safely from the comfort of your home

The Friends of St. Mary’s has launched a Virtual Christmas Fair allowing you to buy safely from the comfort of your home

  • We will have up to 30 different sellers offering Christmas gifts, decorations, stationery and produce including sweets, food and drinks. We are pleased to welcome back many of your favourite “stallholders” and some new ones with different products and ideas.
  • Our sellers have all generously agreed to donate 10% of the value of their sales to us. Please use the code supplied to ensure this donation reaches us so we can continue to help maintain the beautiful Church building for future generations.
  • We will give you exciting ideas for Halloween and Christmas including recipes, activities and competitions.
  • The Fair will run from mid-October until mid-December but please check individual entries for last order dates.

Please Support us by:

  • Buying from the comfort of your home in this safe space we’ve created for buyers and sellers
  • Linking to the seller or contacting them for orders or queries
  • Quoting the specific code on individual seller’s posts when ordering to ensure 10% of the sales value will be donated to Friends. This does not affect the price you pay.
  • Understanding that Friends is not party to the buying/selling/delivery arrangements
  • Helping friends and family and others in our community to access our Virtual Fair
  • Sharing this page to friends and family
  • Being kind and respectful to everyone

On average over the last 5 years we have raised £2,750 at the Fair. Please help us match that!

We will remember them

The Chairman to the Council, Councilor Antony Harris, lay a wreath on behalf of the Parish.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

You can watch the short wreath laying service on the Goudhurst Parish Council Facebook page.

Parish Council News June 2020

We are grateful to all those risking their lives to keep our NHS going, and indeed our own Goudhurst Surgery, doctors, nurse and staff there whenever needed at the end of a phone line or a “car park” consultation. Thank you all and to our shops, pharmacy, newsagents, farm shops and their staff who have innovated, and kept going. And to all those who have volunteered to help with those locked down, supplying and manning the food bank and its delivery. How fortunate we are to live in a community where so many have rallied round to help.

The Parish Council, and its committees have continued to meet taking advantage of our online communication system and Zoom; a system as suitable for lockdown family parties, quizzes, and even your parish council. Local elections were postponed this May, but your Parish Council held its Annual Meeting “virtually” on May 11th and most committees remain substantially unchanged.

We wish all parishioners the very best over the next few weeks, be it return to work, to school, postponed medical treatment and avoiding the virus and its consequences.

Your Parish Councillors … David Boniface, Craig Broom, Chris Ditton, Alan Foster, Antony Harris (Chairman), Phil Kirkby, David Knight, Barry Noakes, Caroline Richards, Jayne Russell, Guy Sutton and Peter Wood.

p.s. Some Parish Councillors continue to have some unreliability with emails both incoming and out going following our forced change to our email addresses. If you do not receive responses you might otherwise have expected, do check with Clerk 01580 212552 that messages have got through.

New e-mail address: 

New website: