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The Ridge COVID-19 Assessment Hub is an initiative of 16 GP practices, including the Old Parsonage Surgery, which has been set up in the past month at Headcorn Aerodrome.

It is a dedicated space where GPs can assess their patients with symptoms of coronavirus face to face. It does not offer testing, but the doctors and nurses there can assess people who might be becoming more unwell with COVID-19. They can then advise if their patients can stay safely at home, or whether they need to go to hospital.

The Chair of the Ridge Primary Care Network Patient Groups, Michelle Gardener, is co-ordinating a fundraising effort on behalf of the GPs working together at this centre. She says,

“We would like to request donations for further equipment related specifically to caring for COVID-19 patients, particularly resuscitation equipment. We hope that this never becomes necessary, but we would rather be prepared. Furthermore, the supplies of PPE nationally are extremely low. We are needing innovative solutions so that our health care workers are protected. Our funding goal is for £1,000. This will pay for the resuscitation and personal protective equipment (PPE), the teams feel is necessary at the centre, (hub).”

Donations can be made via Facebook:

Kilndown Quarry Pond

Goudhurst Parish Council is aware of the flooding problem at Kilndown Quarry Pond. We are working with contractors to solve the problem and are currently awaiting advice from drainage experts. In the meantime please take extra care if you are visiting the Quarry Pond for your daily exercise.