Tracking incidents and accidents in Goudhurst

Tight fit in Goudhurst

We continue to work to improve road safety in our Parish. However, when we request any changes it is often hard to collect the supporting evidence to justify any change.

KCC and the Police only log accidents where there has been a serious injury. Thankfully this is rare. However, it does mean all other collision data is not collected – if they are not documented then they never happened! We all know there are collisions daily.

Our goal is to capture details of collisions across the Parish and build a database of incidents to support future change.

If you have witnessed a collision or been present following a collision then please capture it here.

We need to know the location, time-of-day, road conditions and a description (how many vehicles, type of vehicles etc.). Please fill out the form below. You can upload pictures if you have them and then press submit. You can do this anonymously.

Details of incidents are on this site and are updated monthly.

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