View over Goudhurst

New Parish Council Website

The Parish Council now has a website which is dedicated to our work of the Parish. This new site will allow us to communicate more easily with residents and to better fulfil our legal obligations of publishing council documents, particularly meeting minutes and meeting agenda, in a more timely way.

We have been hosted by the website for a number of years but our needs have changed and grown which resulted in a request to move our email. Given the change, we took the decision to join with other Parish Councils government departments and use a suffix to better identify us as a public body.

There are now no constraints on the space we use and a level of control which allows us to publish our minutes and news in a more timely manner. We have in the past had questions from residents around missing meeting minutes.

With our own site we will also be able to share more information about events and activities in the Parish and share our plans for the future.

As part of this move our email addresses have also changed. The names remain the same but they are now all at Our primary contact address is now

In the coming months we will be working to develop this site and to better promote the Parish as a base for visiting the West Kent and East Sussex and showcasing the businesses, venues and activities that make our Parish special.