Central Goudhurst

Chairman: Cllr Antony Harris
Vice Chairman: Vacant Cllrs Boniface, Broom, Ditton, Noakes and Wood

Meets on the 3rd Monday of each month or as required.

The Committee has taken note of the increasing Traffic and related Parking issues in and around Goudhurst High Stree has noted the reference in the Neighbourhood Development Plan public consultation questionnaire as the No 1 issue f residents of the Parish. Goudhurst Parish Council has setup a special one issue Committee to try to find an acceptable solution, in a reasonable timeframe. The Committee has therefore taken on this mandate:

“To seek a resolution of the parking problems in the centre of Goudhurst with the specific objective of achieving a sustainable solution for long, medium and short stay parking solutions. This will enable the introduction of a Traffic Management Plan to ease village centre congestion, meet the needs of business (retail, hospitality & commercial), touri residents and pedestrians whilst seeking to balance traffic flow with the needs of on street parking and its role in calmi traffic speeds and safety”.

Minutes of committee meetings can be found in the Parish Council Minutes and agenda

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