Sign up to make fibre broadband a reality in Goudhurst

We have reached and agreement with Openreach to install Fibre Broadband homes and businesses across the Parish.

The scheme covers the majority ( of Goudhurst and Curtisden Green post codes.

Joining the scheme means pledging a voucher (funded by central government) to Openreach. Openreach will redeem these vouchers (if enough residents and businesses join) to fund the building of the service.

Much work has been completed to put Goudhurst at the front of the queue. However, if the total of vouchers pledged does not meet the installation costs the scheme will not go-ahead.

Join the scheme and make fibre broadband a reality for homes and businesses in Goudhurst at

If you have any questions email us a

You should join this scheme and recommend it to others, if you have concerns – click to see your questions answered